So, our upgrade should be finished at this point. I'm not too sure if everything is 100% back to working at this point so we may have to hunt down some bugs and such. If anyone finds any bugs, let me know and I'll get to work squashing them.

We're on a new server, but this is still temporary as we really do ultimately need to be up on a server of our own. Anyway, different problems of different times.


Our host is currently in the process of moving us from one machine to another. Due to this fact I have been advised to stop accepting images for the next 24+ hours. I have turned off blogging and Image Uploading for the duration of that time. When the system comes back online, I expect the blog images to break, so if you notice such a thing, don't be surprised, I'll get in there and fix it shortly.

Thanks for you patience,


Well, the Wife and I are leaving in aproximately 9.5 hours for Seoul Korea. I'll be gone for 2 weeks but I should have internet access the entire time I'm there, I'll just be existing on a 14 hour difference from normal. So post away, I'll approve as usual, I'll just be closer to OZ than usual. :-) It's been almost 2 years since we've seen family so this will be great. Have a great next 2 weeks folks, and I look forward to your submissions as always.


Well, some of you may have noticed that the forums have actually been getting some love and being updated. Hisham has volunteered to take care of this for us, and so he is the new request forums administrator. I've been greatly needing this and just haven't asked the community for help, however, we now have it and I'm having delusions of things actually being kept up-to-date.

So Boston was fantastic. I learned many things that in the coming months we'll be able to utilize here on SWAG. More importantly, I'm back and checking things regularly. I always was, but it's official now. I'm back.

Just a little FYI for everyone, if I don't respond as quickly as I might normally to getting new images up and such, it's because I'm gone to Boston for a convention. I'll be doing my best to check SWAG regularly, but no promises as I'll be at the convention pretty much all day every day. Wish us luck, I put swag in the competition to hopefully win some good gear.

Cheers all!

So, I spent a little time today trying to get the search function back up and running on the site. The sorting by categories appears to work just fine, searching is taking its sweet time right now, so I'm still looking into that, but it DOES work. Perhaps it's just the speed of the server we're on. I apologize for screwing this up initially.

I hope this will help everyone out.


OMG, I ACTUALLY UPDATED THE REQUESTS FORUM! Ya, I know it's impossible to imagine, but I actually got around to it. I really need to automate that lol. Sorry you all have had to deal with all the extraneous claimed stuff floating around, but it should be all cleaned out at this point.

Well, another year come and gone, and all there really is left to say is happy new year. May 2008 be better than any year you've had before, may you reach your goals, and may SWAG become a place where we all love to hang out even more. I have lots of new things to implement this year. I hope I can get to it all.

Happy New Year all!


And a happy new year too boot. I've been working my tail off to get this new theme out the front door for you all. I personally like it much better, and I think everyone else will as well. I spent quite a bit of time and tried to make sure this was all working nicely before launching it. I have a few more bells and whistles that I'll probably toss on before it "finished" if anything is ever finished around here. :-D