Okay...   Tusserk made a great point... so we're going to go with this....


Y'know, I'm more inclined to celebrate the Original Trilogy for May 4th than the prequels...

What if we do away with a profession aspect for the theme this time around, go human/wookiee/ewok as species focus, ship specialty, and then all/any profession that would fit in with scenes we actually see during any of the OT? Maybe we can go back to the roots and remember that once upon a time, being a spaze wizard was actually unheard of. XD



The time is here for all to share!  ....  

This time the Species are Mirialan, Miraluka and Space Monkeys ((Including the Kowakian Monkey Lizards))

And in honor of the new Star Wars films, let's put the time period Post ROTJ...   So let your creativity fly with what the "New Republic" and the "New Empire" would be wearing.

And let's go with Brawlers/Teras Kasi and unarmed specialists for the profession.


Note:  You can use one, or all of the above in the image.  So don't feel limited to doing a Mirialan Brawler, do a Jedi if you like.

I was going through the request forum today and noticed that we have quite a few Character and Non Character Requests.  

After all the time I've spent on this site, I know that many of our artists do one or the other, or feel like doing one or the other.  I've made it easier to sort through the requests by splitting our Request Forum into two.

Character Requests Forum

This forum is used for all Characters the ones you play.  ((I left some NPCs in here as well since they are playable races))  This Forum is pretty self explanatory.

Non-Character Request Forum

It is with great sadness I pass this information on. Aaron Allston has died, he will be greatly missed. I only met him in person once, but his insights, given freely and with great passion were a joy to experience and we are all less for his passing. My heartfelt condolences to those who knew him better than I and loved him. You can read more here: 

Tusserk suggested making a Species of the month.  So, after not so carefull consideration I decided on a Theme and species for the months of February/March


The theme is Edge of the Empire ...   By Fantasy Flight Games.  If you're not familiar with it, click here.

The species of February & March are going to be.

Mon Calamari

and Drall

Smugglers/Scoundrels also.


An age and a day ago, swag had a... flakey-at-best chat applet that I could NEVER get to work. I think that Nafai and ChrisCurtis had removed that particular feature from the site long before it ever came into my keeping, but I always wanted a working one. I've experimented with a lot of chat options in a lot of locations over the years, and while I think there are better overall solutions to be had, the easiest by-far to deploy was freenode's webchat app.

Some time ago, I reorganized the home page and I wanted to go ahead and direct everyone to some neat features that Eclipse has made sure we have.

If you scroll down past the new pictures, you'll see the featured on the left, and The News on the right.  (where this is)

The reawakening of the community gallery has been long in coming, but the newest version of swag makes it a possibility, and Xeterzun has become the first Community member to submit new art under this system. I'm very happy to see this actually starting to get used. Everyone go congratulate Xeterzun on his submission.

After a few false starts here I THINK I have images and news posting to twitter. We can expand this to include other stuff like blogs eventually if all appears to go well, but I wanted to at least let people know that this was starting to happen. You can of course follow us at and I really hope you WILL follow us. Let me know what you think.


I wasn't very happy with sending private messages for notifications of updates on content you're following, so I spent some time working out another solution. It's not as pretty, but I think it's way more expandable in the long term, and gives us some leverage to "pretty it up" in ways the other solution could simply not do. Let me know if you see any issues in the system and I'll see what I can do, Private Messages should be purely private messages again.