Theme of the Month August/September

2014 Aug 18

Okay I thought I'd try something a little off the wall, just to see what happens :) 

Species of the month is Geonosians & The Gree

The Gree were a six-tentacled race of cephalopod creatures[2] that had an unusual anatomy[3] with gray skin, large sad-looking eyes along with tall foreheads. These features supported an immense brain sac which flopped oddly behind their heads.


And the creature of the month is a Tchuukthai, also called Wharls, are quadrupedal predators from an undiscovered planet. They are sentient, but most people in the galaxy consider them to be mere legendary beasts. The secretive Tchuukthai do nothing to discourage this belief; if anything, they enhance it with their displays of ferocity. The Tchuukthai are unable to speak Basic, and very few are ever seen off their home planet. Jedi Master Thon was a Tchuukthai.


Haha!! You say off the wall, but we've had both Tchuukthai and Gree feature pretty prominently in our home game! Well, we have yet to meet an actual member of the gree species, but their technology has featured extensively and we've been trying to locate their homeworld for... years. Learning their language was an amazingly fun and infuriating session!!


Well...  Guess my off the wall is on your wall...  :)  ...  probably because you're on the opposite side of the Earth :)