Well, I was looking at all the detail that's going to need to go into a request system, and there's a LOT, so while I'm still committed to eventually get that working, I didn't want to hold the community back and keep them from enjoying what this site is really about... requests.

So get in there folks, get your request in and let's start fulfilling requests again, cause isn't that what SWAG's suppose to be about?

So, google ads are a real way of actually helping the site pay for itself. I'm experiementing with some different sorts of ads, so don't be surprised if you see it change a bit over the next few days/weeks/months. :-)

With this in mind, a couple of points...

Well, since I opened up the system for new members 2 days ago we've had 17 people join our humble site! I was excited by this and noticed that there were a couple of artists in the group who MIGHT be interesting in guild membership, so I went ahead and got that section all taken care of. So for those of you wishing to become guild members, there's a new link under your "Create Content" area called "Guild Submission" you can submit your work for approval here to become a member of the guild. This should be a pretty way of dealing with this for everyone involved, so...

So... I've been saying for a while now that accepting new members was a top priority for me and today we deliver! For those of you who want to become members of the SWAG community I've just opened up the registration process. This will allow you to become a community member, not a Guild member. Guild membership is still closed for the time being until I can come up with a good way of keeping that streamlined. However this shouldn't take too long, it and request are the next things up on the chopping block.

Some of you may have noticed that the front page has changed. I wanted a slightly different layout for the news and blogs (as I think those are important) so I rearranged stuff a bit. Let me know what you think.


Well... my updates totally failed, so I'll probably give it another try tomorrow some time. Had to back up the whole system and start over. The image handling will hopefully be improved, so things should respond a little faster. I've got a stop-gap measure in place at the moment, so we may just fly with that for a while.

Sorry for all the down time, but chances are there will be more of it tomorrow.


Happy Birthday SWAG,

On a day like today, there's really no better gift I could give than to get you back up and running. You've been down for far too long, but today is a new day, and this is my gift.

To the Community of SWAG... Cheers, this is a new day, and today we begin anew. Submit new work, enjoy the camaraderie and most important of all. Don't forget to keep SWAGGING!

Happy 5th Birthday SWAG!

Some of you may have noticed that if you uploaded multiple images to your blog, you got whatever your first image was over and over again. I've fixed this now, so you should be able upload multiple images to a single blog without any problems now. Please contact me if you have any issues with it.

Well, I finally have the edit mode available, so for those of you wishing to prune your galleries, some, just send me a private message... oh yeah! Private messages! For those of you who've not noticed yet, I've included a private message feature for guild members.