Just not here... not at the time of this posting at least. I've been working on my Christmas gift to SWAG for the last few days now... well weeks at this point, I just didn't realize it would be a Christmas gift until about now. I'm moving along at a good clip, but maybe it'll be a new years gift... I dunno. Anyway, when I give it, you'll all notice... :-D I promise.

So, if you've been trying to get onto swag, chances are you've noticed we've been up and down a little. Unfortunately ice storms in the Oklahoma area have affected our (free & wonderful) host. I'm at the facility right now helping out as much as possible. I think the worst of it is over, but you never really know.


Well, chances are most of you have noticed the new member Drone. He does fantastic technical work, and I for one (as a technical artist) am happy to have another join swag! Welcome Drone! If you haven't had a chance to look through his gallery yet, I would advise you go do that now.

We have some more really great members in the queue, and some who've already been approved but haven't added any new images yet, so I anticipate we'll see even more great work in the future.

Good to see this place thriving!



Well, it's that time of year when those of us in North America kill the bird that was nearly named the USA's national bird, and eat generous helpings of it along with candied sweet potatoes, mashed (regular) potatoes, and various other sorts of food until we think we might pop. I for one am looking all sorts of forward to it. I should have a nice full tummy of turkey before this day is out, and I've been anticipating such a feeling for days now.

I wanted to start by obviously welcoming even more Guild members to our Ranks. Davinkabak and Kuk-Man have joined the guild. Kuk-Man's work is great and you can see it on DA, he's not submitted his work to SWAG yet for everyone else's viewing pleasure, but hopefully we'll see that soon. :-) Davin has already graced us with some of his fabulous technical images and I personally can't wait to see more. There are a few more guild submissions in the queue that the council is reviewing so we'll probably have some more new guild members soon.

I thought it was worth making a note of how far SWAG is moving, and how quickly. On Sept 22 2007 I opened the site up for new membership. In that time we've had 130 new site members, and I think 6 or 7 new guild members. Obviously we want to see SWAG get even bigger, so continue to tell your friends and family... and acquaintances... and random people on the street about SWAG. I'm hoping to put up a SWAG shop soon for shirts and hats and the like, to help spread the word to the "random people on the street" but yeah... it doesn't hurt to talk either. :-D

This is going out a little late because I wanted the last news article to stay up for as long as possible, but I'm not going to put this off any longer. We have 2 new guild members, so everyone, welcome Blooburd & Pheonix023. I believe both of them have actually contributed new art to the site already, so welcome to both of you, we're thrilled to have you in the guild!

More guild requests are coming in often, and we're getting to these as quickly as possible. If you've submitted one and haven't heard back from us, we're working to get to you, we promise!


One of the great things about being in a community of members like this is that we ALL have more eyeballs looking at us, and occasionally we get invites to participate in something that will bring more eyeballs to a single artist. This is one of those opportunities.

It is my pleasure to announce that SWAG has officially accepted 3 new guild member applications. Congratulations are in order for Steve Musgrave, richmould, and Mercy! Welcome all three of you to the Guild. We can't wait to see what art you submit to the site.

These are the first new guild members in more than 2 years (other than Stirzy) and this really does mark the beginning of a new era for SWAG.

So, I've been watching the use of different portions of the site and a few things have come to my attention. First off there doesn't seem to be any good reason to keep community members from accessing the private message system. It seems a perfect way to keep in touch for requests and the like. So I've officially given everyone access to the private message system. Please let me know if this is being abused as that's not the intent.