This is just a quick updated to let everyone know that we're pretty sure we solved our mail issues. If you have any issues, as always the forums are a great place to take this stuff, and we'll see if we can solve it. We've only had 2 legitimate user sign ups since the new version of the site went live, so this hasn't been a huge issue, but solving it sooner is much much better than solving it later.


As you may have noticed, SWAG's had a little face lift. It's actually a lot more than just a face lift, it's a full rebuild of the entire site from the ground up, and as the web developer pushing the technology base of SWAG I have to say that I feel very good about it. For those of you keeping up with the news posts and even some of my blog posts, you'll have noticed, it took me a LONG time to get here. My previous post about this was nearly 2 years ago now, and that's really just crazy.

May the 4th is right around the corner. This is the official/unofficial Star Wars day. Take advantage of this day to enjoy a game and a story.

On a related note. I'm sure you've seen the new ad at the bottom of the pages. This is Fantasy Flights events for May the 4th. Looked like fun to me, figured you guy's would like to see what they are doing for this Star Warsy Day.

So, for a long time now, I've been talking about upgrading SWAG and what it would take. I've been planning and scheming and trying to learn things I thought I'd need, or KNEW I'd need, and after well... YEARS of this now, I'm ready to start talking about it. The upgrade process has happened roughly a dozen times by now. You all have never gotten the benefit of it because I've never finished it and released it to you. This is sad, but frankly one thing or another would eventually freeze me from being able to go forward, and I'd just get stuck.

So, in the process of working out the migration details for data, I started moving users into a test site. I think this inadvertently sent out a few thousand emails... my bad. I'll see what I can do to prevent this in the future as I continue to test. Please disregard if possible, and I apologize.


I've changed the guidelines for our spam system. This means, from time to time, you may not be able to submit comments on the site. Any outage of this sort should be rather limited, but I want to see if it changes how much spam we get. Consider this an experiment. Thanks for your understanding as always.


Well aware of what's going on here, hoping to come of up with a fix in the next few days. Our server took a nose dive and I've been meaning to transfer us to a new version of drupal and a new server, but the architecture to do so has been taking quite a bit of time from me, so it's just not happened. My apologies and I'll see what I can do about the missing images tomorrow.



For those of you messaging me, thx, I got spammed too. He's been blocked. We'll see where this goes from here.


Some of you may have noticed the front page has been updated, but work you might expect to be there is not. I let it sit too long so I'll probably do another art release in a day or so.

In other news, it's worth mentioning that my wife and I had our second child about a month and a half ago. Kai came into our lives on the 22nd of November. Since that time, much of my personal time has been focused on family. I've really been enjoying the art lately, I hope everyone's holiday season was good, and let's have an awesome new year.


So, first off, "NO" it's not happening live yet. :-) However I did get a fully functional version of swag running on my local machine today, and have begun the process to upgrade swag to the newest versions of EVERYTHING. Now what that actually means? I'm still working on that a bit, but I think it will be a really great stepping stone towards helping swag to grow and mature to that next phase as a site.

With that said, I'm going to outline some of my specific goals for the site right now: