Forum Management

Well, some of you may have noticed that the forums have actually been getting some love and being updated. Hisham has volunteered to take care of this for us, and so he is the new request forums administrator. I've been greatly needing this and just haven't asked the community for help, however, we now have it and I'm having delusions of things actually being kept up-to-date.

In other news, I'm contemplating where SWAG is going next technologically. I'm hoping in the next 3-6 months that transition will start to happen, and we may get access to some cool new toys. :-) Speaking of getting access... I have had about a billion requests for the Sabacc deck to be put back online. I WILL do this as soon as I can. The images that didn't make the conversion are just kind of a pain to get updated, but this IS high on my priority list. With that said, I'm going to make the suggestion to the community in general that this is a HIGH PROFILE item, and that you might consider doing your own deck of Sabacc cards. I'll be sure to develop up a special place just for those cards, so please folks, let's get a few decks put together and out there for people to download and play with.

As always, I really love this community and all the great artwork coming out of it, and I feel incredibly privileged to be directing it. You all are the best.