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Sketches part Deux

...Since the other one is getting hard to work with from the bulk of images, or maybe just that the computer I use is really bad, also cause I don't like...forcing (lolpuns) people to look at anything I draw, rather give them the option of stumbling upon them. A lot of these range from "rediculously old" to "i drew this like a day ago" buuutttttt I would end up writing a small novel explaining all of them, so rather I will refrain and only explain those that anyone might be curious about.

Aug 14, 2013 by: Rina in: sketches

A Collaboration In The Works.

Hey Everyone, I am still working on  the neuropathy (numbness and damage to nerves) in my hands.A friend of mine that I've known since before kindergarten (yeah we go back a long ways!) use to do artwork together. I did the pencil work while he supplied these wonderful inks and amazing colors. He and I got to talk the other day and thought in might be fun to do a few pieces together.

Jun 30, 2013 by: Lord Cygnus in: Non-Star Wars Art

Help Me Pick Some Ladies!

So I am getting ready to produce a body of work in relation to selling prints and original pieces at future conventions and am already knee deep in some of the ladies from MTG, but would also like to include some of the ladies from the Star Wars universe at large. 

So far these characters would include:

Jun 27, 2013 by: Jynxie in: Pin Ups
Sons of Anarchy re-imagined as a mandalorian clan.  Work in progress.
Ok this one is for Lord Cygnus, after noted interest in a Zeltron character, to be done up 3d render style Lord Cygnus wrote in the : Boom Boom Kats blog thread: Well,... If you are still thinking of working up a Zeltron character, then might I make a suggestion to you, kind Sir?...
Introducing the Boom Boom Kats, an all female tramp freighter crew! Possibly the most hip-hoppin, rip-roarin, illigal load of spicey spacers the galaxy ever seen blazin' across the hyperspace lanes! Ok, so thats the tagline / theme for this hawt group of ladies. (been listening to some Eurobeat nusic lately). Just posting this for some opinions and feedback:
I notice that the majority of my fellow Swaggers ;} use digital means as a method of their artmaking. It is a skill that I myself feel very lacking in, and oftentimes it makes me extremely frustrated.
I don't often look through the forum posts, but I noticed this one by Xan asking for a crit of a piece he had done. Bear with me here, Xan. 
I've been watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy lately.   It has really grown on me, the idea that a Mandalorian Clan is a lot like a Motorcycle Club.   Very similar cultures. So I started envisioning the Sons of Anarchy in a Star Wars environment.   For those not aware, the main group in the show is nicknamed Sam Crow, which is the acronym SAMCRO, which is Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original; being that they are the 'original' founding charter of an international club, from Redwood (the region they started out in).  
I wanted to share this beautiful drawing my girlfriend Cat made, using a sketch I drew for a commission. It's a lady Gotal pilot.   She says there are Easter eggs...   Aaaand here's a Herglic. "There's no Easter eggs in this one, just potatoes." -Cat