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Every once and again I draw something that isn't Star Wars. 

Some of it I take all the way to Color Town!

HEY!  Here's some now....

Jan 7, 2015 by: Judas in: Non-Star Wars Art

Mecha RPG: KAIJU Supplement Artwork

Kaiju 7

Here's a sneak preview of monster artwork I've been illustrating for Heroic Journey Publishing's Mecha RPG. After the Mecha Combiners and Mecha Mercenaries supplement, here come the Mecha Kaiju supplement for the game! With monsters!

This sneak preview is so sneaky that the kaiju haven't been named yet at this time!

Sep 19, 2013 by: Hisham in: Non-Star Wars Art

A Collaboration In The Works.

Hey Everyone, I am still working on  the neuropathy (numbness and damage to nerves) in my hands.A friend of mine that I've known since before kindergarten (yeah we go back a long ways!) use to do artwork together. I did the pencil work while he supplied these wonderful inks and amazing colors. He and I got to talk the other day and thought in might be fun to do a few pieces together.

Jun 30, 2013 by: Lord Cygnus in: Non-Star Wars Art
Hey guys, 
Gnatha wrist rifle
Here's what I've been up to for freelance writer Ben Gorman who will publish his upcoming Star Frontiersman sci-fi gaming article Balneum Blue. His article features an aquatic alien race that uses biotech to create gear, weapons and vehicles. Here are the ranged weapons I designed.
During my long absence, I have explored a lot of my art, what I liked and didn't like. I tried some new things, tried to get better at other things and during these years of exploration, I found a passion for 3D modeling. The wip images on this blog are for a Wing Commander Rapier Mk I starfighter that was my second attempt at doing a complete ship. My main goal for this blog is to show some of my newer art so those people who see me pick up a request for a ship can sort of see what they will be getting. Program used: 3ds Max 2013 Time: 8 hours
Michael:, Made this request a few days ago and its now finished. I just hope you like it, Michael. ~Lord Cygnus,
Tooth and Claw
Void Vultures is an RPG developed by Josh Roby and Ryan Macklin. I was assigned some interior artwork for it. Check them out below. Click here for a description and a video for Void Vultures. It was quite a fun project for me to do.
Yikes! Accidentally deleted my entire blog - I was just trying to delete one image! Crap!! Ah well, I'll add just a couple of pics back plus my latest update. Major change is the poster on the back wall, and I've coloured in the middle rear wall. Thanks to everyone for all previous [now deleted] comments & feedback! Oct 5th - finally, the final!
Here's a sneak preview of my entry for Project Rooftop's "Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 Redesign Contest". It's not the final artwork yet, merely a quick sketch I made on a notepad in my free time. If you guys have the time to spare, check it out here and let's show 'em what SWAG artists can do!