Taun Taun Girl

Guess who will be debuing her first time in the Artists' Alley at Gen Con this August of 2015....ME!

Super excited to be able to take part in the show this year, especially since we couldn't make it last year. Anyone who plans on going should try and stop by to say hello, it would be nice to meet some people in the RL. Other than that, I might have some secret discounts for the show...not 100% sure on that as of yet though. 

December 3, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Life in General

About Jynxie

Hello, my name is Katherine, better known as Kat. I am a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL and have a BFA in Illustration. My media of choice is watercolor and ball point pen, though I sometimes also enjoy working in photoshop. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and erotica illustration all peak my interest and among my favorite artits are RK Post, Raven Mimura,Time Sale, Luis Royo, Matt Busch, and Tommy Lee Edwards. I am also a member of Game Base 7's sparks-force rpg campaign and am slowly expanding on character creations for fellow players, though I also enjoy working on other things along these lines.

Birth Date: 
May 8, 1985
Huber Heights, OH
Mixed: Ink wash, watercolor, acrylics, and colored pencils
The Golden Hind by Kat Birmelin
Oh....my...gosh! I have gotten so busy lately and it sucks because I still have my piece from last month's challenge to get around to finishing up. Plus a friend of mine just sent me a bunch of model shots from a workshop he runs and I have even more pieces I want to do based off of those with my two star wars characters Jynx and Fable. 
Ok, so it's not SW but hey, it has aliens in it! Happy Easter to all my friends here on the SWAG community. My your bellies burst with sugar laced wonders.    Watercolors on bristol paper 11x14. 
Portrait of a younge Mirialan and her monkey lizard
So I am for some reason unable to post anything to my gallery, so I will post things here.  Another watercolor sketch in my moleskin sketchbook, this time of a young Mirialan girl, possibly a preeten who is starting to bloom into a smuggler or scoundrel after a stint of dealing spice on the streets, among other less savory things.  This was a fun little piece that probably took me about an hour or so. 
Jynx in holographic inmage
Hey gang,  Here's a quick 45 minute watercolor sketch I did in my sketchbook of Jynx. It's been a long time since I've done anything with her in a long time and I miss her.  I tried to portray her as an incoming holo image, feeling the full weight of some great frustration. I can hear her voice over the comm saying something like "I really screwed up this time...." I hope you like it.