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Jeffersonville, Indiana USA
Pen & Ink, Photoshop, Painter, 3D Modeling, Vue, Zbrush

Life takes you in weird directions. I and a few others had a vision about, oh, twenty years ago to create a website where folks could come for free Star Wars RPG art for their game sessions. Honestly, I never would have believed it not only would grow to what it became, but still be hanging in there oh so many years later. I'm extremely proud of SWAG, not so much as what I personally had to do with it (my part was but a very small one in the beginning), but for all of the great, hard work the artists, contributors and especially Kris have put into developing SWAG into what it is today. It exists because of a universal love of artwork, Star Wars and Roleplaying, and for me, that is a love I can fully support. 

SWAG has provided me with a lot of fond memories, and while I'm certainly not as prolific as I was in the earlier days, it doesn't mean I don't like to come around and see how things are going, or even dabble in the art hobby now and then. Like I said, life takes you in weird directions, but if you're lucky, sometimes those directions can lead you back to something you really love.

So, in summary, may the Force be with you, and as we used to say a long time ago, in a galaxy that feels oh so far away..."Keep on Swaggin'!"


BB, 2021