Sifon Sinoa and Jun Dialecto

Sifon Sinoa, jedi knight, and his padawan Jun Dialecto, twi'lek jedi (Who has lost her lightsaber privileges, but makes up with telekinesis)


Love what you have going on here. Great action and characters all brought nicely together...bravo and welcome


Welcome, welcome! And might I say, your characters are lovely- nice expressive, individual faces. I look forward to seeing more.


Yup. I totally want one of those ships. This is a really nice piece. I love the way all the lines of motion are going the same way. Like the ship and thrown objects are all on the same plane.


Only detraction for me is first it looks like she's TK-throwing a miniature spaceship.

Then I realized it was another separate part of the collage of imagery. :p


That is interesting, losing one's lightsaber priviledges. There's definitely a good story in there with this duo. Lets see, vibro-knives, explosive rockets / darts, gaffi sticks... The padawan's certainly resourceful, and if not potentially more dangerous this way without the lightsaber :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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