Guest Art-Amanda P.-Wroonian Thief

So, like, a thousand years ago some really talented and generous people donated their time and energy to my site by creating some beautiful artwork to celebrate our ten years on the something like that. Anyways, unless you actually came on over and visited our site, you may never see these wonderful works of art, and thats a darn shame. Heck, I'd say a crime even.

So! Please enjoy, from the vault, some pieces from some of your favorite SWAG artists! 

Here you'll see our Wroonian Thief Khara Doone (she had that name long before any other character, I assure you) lovingly represented by the wonderful Amanda Price. 

(Please forgive the loss of resolution on some of the pics, these were done like, a hundred years ago when a computer monitor was the size of a pack of Chicklets.)


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