Progression of an Artist [Asok]

I've been wanting to do this for some time now, and with the new tools that Eclipse has so graciously given to me at my disposal, I can start.

The idea of this blog is simply to show an artist ((One I've selected)) from when they started out here on SWAG and where they are today.

About a month ago I asked everyone how they came to SWAG so any information about Asok, is what he said, not of my own doing.


I think Drig spoke well enough for the both of us. We came here when we were in high school, in summer of 2002, I believe... Right after the site went live for the first time. I'm still amazed he found it way back then.

We made quite a few requests - my first got picked up by Hish, Asok by Hish  then another by Jawa Stu,  Dark Sider  so I tend to view these guys as old compatriots. They were there for me way back when. And I can't say enough about how much Hish has done for me. Over the years, he's vouched for me, given me advice, and even hooked me up with real, paying work in the industry. That's just crazy!

In the old days, Reverend Strone was still active around here, and with a little digging, Drig found out he was actually Daniel Falconer - Weta employee and legit concept artist responsible for a slew of designs in the LOTR films. Amazingly, he and I had a regular correspondence, and he gave me a ton of pointers about style and technique, and I've been more or less emulating him ever since.

Sometimes I think back to those days when Swag was a new and mysterious place. I saw a young dark Jedi by Hish in the featured art, and then a crazy ferocious sith creature by Evan Black, and it all seemed so dazzling, so amazing. And now I'm part of it. I have no regrets.

Request by Dassa     Request by Raziel   Request by Chief Captain   Request by Czethros   Request by Journeyman of Zion    Request by Thespius    Request by UnnatrualGas

These are just some of the requests filled by Asok over the years of SWAG.  It shows the progression of the highschool teenager to the man he is today.  The type of guy that just keeps on giving, and wishes he could give more.

All I have to say is...  Keep on out running those explosions in life...

Asok Yeserim

And as Always...    Boshuda


Thanks for sticking around!


Wow, thanks Xan. This an honor. I have been here quite a while, and frankly, I have no intention of ever leaving!


Also, on the subject of artistic progression, I just posted a side-by-side comparison on G+ of a drawing I did two years ago, and a new version I'm working through, following a tutorial. I'm trying to learn some new styles, so hopefully it pays off!

(Autocorrect called you 'Dan'. Dan you, autocorrect!)


Dan you, autocorrect!... LOL  Love it...

To be fair, this one was encouraged by HIsham to be first.  ((I talked to him about it a few weeks ago and he suggested you.))

Good suggestion and it's great to see that you're still working on your own skills.  Always nice to enhance ourselves :)

I looked at your comparison... the left one is definitely capturing more of the character.  Very nice job.


Well, you deserve it !

Thank you for have been present for me more than once ! ;)

Thank you Asok !