Kazellis-class freighter, Dark Shadow, for Senec Tinople

Greetings, exalted ones! You may remember my request a few months ago for an illustration of my Caamasi Sith character, Senec Tinople, of whom Asok did an excellent drawing. I've been trying to find a unique and distinctive ship for him to travel around in, with a similar scale to one of the personal ships from SWTOR. I wanted to find a ship that exemplified Senec's own character - his enigmatic nature, subtle cunning, and of course, his bird-like nature. I finally settled on the Kazellis-class light freighter. The problem is that pretty much the only reference I can find to this ship is on Wookieepedia. It has some general information and a couple diagrams, but to my knowledge, no art of this ship exists yet. To aid with fleshing out what I'm looking for, I've created a little backstory which I'm hoping to flesh out more in future.

Senec Tinople came into ownership of his personal Kazellis-class freighter after a run-in with a pair of Jedi. While investigating a mystery in the Corporate Sector, a Jedi Knight and his Padawan tracked him down and confronted him. Through deceit and manipulation, Senec tricked the Padawan into killing her Master and stole his ship. Turns out the pair of Jedi were looking into the same mystery that Senec was, and after a series of run-ins with Senec, in which the Caamasi Sith gaslighted and manipulated her, she eventually became his traveling companion. Senec now travels with the Jedi Padawan and an EV-class supervisor droid on the Kazellis-class ship he has named Dark Shadow.

Dark Shadow is a perfect vessel for Senec in many ways. Its curved bow and pointy wings look like some kind of exotic avian creature, a perfect match for the strange Caamasi. Its modular nature allows Senec to easily retrofit it to his liking. Because he's not exactly rich, the ship is a bit worse for wear and not equipped with the latest weapons, shields, hyperdrive, etc, but it gets him where he's going and its weapons and shields work just fine as long as he doesn't get in over his head.

I think this project is interesting because there are diagrams of what the ship looks like, but I can't really find any art of it. This allows for some artistic liberty in exactly what the ship looks like on the exterior. Since I'm not too good at figuring out technicalities, I figure this general information on the background and use of the ship should at least be enough as a general starting point for how worn it looks and the sinister/alien look I'm kind of going for with it. I've linked the Wookieepedia page on the Kazellis-class freighter below because, outside of Star Wars RPG websites, that's about the only info that exists on it. There are a couple diagrams there, though, so hopefully, that should make things a little easier.

If you could just draw the ship flying through space or perhaps flying in the Korriban system, that would be awesome! I will, of course, make myself available to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for reading!


Here's the Wookieepedia page. Also, I don't know why I can never see my own comments on this website, but hopefully this should show up for the rest of y'all.