Nobo Qunaalac, Hutt Inquisitor

Nobo is a rare physical specimen of a Hutt, muscles ripple beneath his cream and blue-gray skin. Intense orange eyes glare out of an open-faced helmet that complements the durasteel plate armor covering his torso and banding down the back of his sinuous tail. A neuronic whip is coiled, hanging from his utility belt. He wields a crude and heavy lightsaber axe. He uses fear and itimidation to get what he wants, he's got the willpower and muscle to back it up.

A completed request for Hiei252, also my first submission to Swag in almost a decade. It’s good to be back!


OMG, love this. Featured!

The shine on the armor is really well done. As mentioned previously in the WIP blog, I really love the axe. The electromagnetic spine is a really nice touch, and this is the first Hutt I've ever considered a serious threat. ++ all around.


This is perfect! I really like the color and shading. The gaze is intense. I love the design of the lightsaber axe, I like the magnet "spine" bending the energy blade. The armor looks great, nice fitting and shiny. Great job on the blade's reflection on the armor! I am very satisfied with this. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.


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