Braydon Hoole

Braydon Hoole; like his squadmate, Veth Ordo, he proudly wears the latest in experimental armor. As arrogant (and skilled) as they come, he painted his armor pink as a psycological tool to taunt his enemies.  The suit,armor, and weapons are specifically tailored for Zero-G space combat.

Alas - this is THE LAST of my Mandalorian series (well, for now). Hope you enjoyed the ride!



While I'm not entirely on board with the choice of pink for this purpose (...yeah, yeah, I'm that person, hush....!), I do really like the concept of choosing a paint job to mess with your enemies! This is a really neat looking set of armour, and the background choice offsets it well. :D Keep getting drawn to the boots... they look like they could really mess you up, haha, and are those... little rocket booster things? I like the idea of positioning them there!!


Well, if not pink, then let's just call it 'dull red'. :)

Yes, those are rockets on the boots.  Kind of a cross between Star-Lord and a Transformer I guess.