Ok this one is for Lord Cygnus, after noted interest in a Zeltron character, to be done up 3d render style

Lord Cygnus wrote in the : Boom Boom Kats blog thread:


If you are still thinking of working up a Zeltron character, then might I make a suggestion to you, kind Sir?...

June 8, 2013 by: TNJadeonar in: WIP

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About me... I've always loved Star Wars since I seen it for the first time as a kid. I didn't have much SW toys, but my grandmother bought me a B-Wing and the Luke in B-Wing Fighter Pilot figure since the store didn't have R2-D2 and C-3PO which I really wanted. Eventually later on I did get the Droids cartoon version of C-3PO that came with the golden coin. Well, over 20yrs later, I still have that B-Wing and the C-3PO and the collector's coin which now sit within one of my several glass display cabinets with my other sw collectables. The B-wing C-3PO, my 12" 1977 Darth Vader and everything else, complete and in pristine condition, the boxes for them in the closet. Unfortunately, I never could draw anything with a pencil save for stick men. Never had the natural talent for it. However, since the advent of digital computer programs, and a new interest in graphic arts for a few years now, I've been working on those skills in a new way. Where I've lacked talent with the pencil, I've been gaining with the mouse, and a beefy computer 'rig' that i've hand built myself. Hence my signature line... ................................................ Feel free to visit Quadrant: Tetrad's Umbra - Rebels Group #2 "The R-Team" ... ................................................ 'Twi' meaning Twi'lek 'liphile' meaning 'study of' & 'admiration of' ................................................ Twiliphile: the admirer of all twi'leks female.

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November 26, 1979
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Introducing the Boom Boom Kats, an all female tramp freighter crew! Possibly the most hip-hoppin, rip-roarin, illigal load of spicey spacers the galaxy ever seen blazin' across the hyperspace lanes! Ok, so thats the tagline / theme for this hawt group of ladies. (been listening to some Eurobeat nusic lately). Just posting this for some opinions and feedback:
-- Sept 30th -- Heya all, (and Happy 10th Anniv Swag!) I know I've been quite busy with life. Not a whole lot of spare time to get new renders finished and posted. Especially the past few months in which I've been juggling some home renovations inbetween my full time work schedule (40hrs a week, 6 days on, 1 day off... ouch eh?)
Ra Shanaci WIP A new character for a new game... Ra Shanaci, human (Lorrdian) , a cool, smooth talking faceman for the Foster Corps squad. He's right at home in a dark seedy smoke filled cantina, or going for a 'stroll' through Coruscant's Red Light District. Ra grew up in the ghettos, his family was somewheres between middle class and poverty level. He honed his skills at an early age, and enlisted into the Rebel Alliance soon he was able to. Update: Ra & Oan Shanaci
============ Initial Blog Entry ============ As requested by Jace Terrik, the first of 3 D.S artifacts being modeled in 3D. While I've been rendering for a few years now, this is a pretty new venture, into actual modeling.