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Here's the line art for an EotE character I'll be playing in the foreseeable future.  Hopefully I can get the descriptions for the other characters so I can render them visually too.

August 7, 2014 by: Evan Black in: Work In Progress

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I've been drawing since I was about 4 or 5. Even though I have next to no formal art training, friends say my work is better than most work they see. I played the RPG for several years, and have a lot of experience drawing a character to a player's specifications (some of my fellow players have been finicky), and I love to do it. Drawing is one of my favorite ways to explore that galaxy far, far away...

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September 1, 1981
Logan, Utah, United States
Pen & Ink, Computer Coloring
I finally have time to part the clouds and impart a "first draft" for perusal and approval. I've deviated from the description here and there, opting for a more symbolic representation of the Mulls' relationship; I'd like to know if the changes are acceptable. First, rather than place any troops in the background I decided to bring them (well, one of them) forward, to be painted half and half. I've put Obar in a disturbingly small loincloth rather than a toga-like robe, but can redraw that should this not work.
Oh, Nautolan! Here's the WIP for RebornSinner's request for a Nautolan smuggler.
...he's the MUNCHKINATOR!
Here's a rough posture sketch of what I've got for DarNamell's request for a Strill. I might even go crazy and build this guy from the bones up. GROSS!! See if you can guess what I used for inspiration (besides the wonderful sources provided by the requestor)! Also, I can't find anywhere whether or not these little guys have ears or not. Has anybody recently read a book that definitively says?