Darth Omen

Three and a half centuries before the Battle of Yavin, the Sith was ruled by a cruel and violent Trandoshan named Darth Demos. Demos, while never revealing the existance of the Sith to the Jedi, was not nearly as secretive as Bane's plan for the order dictated. While Demos was wiley enough to have taken the mantle of Dark Lord, he was also arrogant to the point of believing, depsite Sith prophesy, that he would be the one to restore the glory of the Sith. Having mastered many of the lessons handed down from master to apprentice, he was prepared to live for centruies to come as the galaxy's malevolent ruler. Though he knew Darth Bane's Rule of Two required he take an apprentice, he was leary of choosing one who could actually one day overthrow him. Over the course of a decade, Darth Demos tested and eliminated a dozen candidates, fearing all of them had too much potential to end his reign. He finally settled on the idea that he should instead be using his apprentice as a tool to boost his own powers. When he came across an adolescent Weequay, particularly gifted at predicting the future, Demos knew there would be no better way to strengthen his position than to be able to see what would come to pass. Feeling the Weequay was no threat to him, Demos made him his apprentice and dubbed him Darth Omen in reference to his particular skill at farseeing. What Demos failed to consider, was that Omen had forseen this, and had actually sought out Demos. Though relatively untrained at reading his visions, Darth Omen had known with certainty, for years, that he was to become a great orchestrator and master from the shadows. Darth Demos, having believed he found a powerful tool for advancing his own agenda, yet one with little power to thwart him, trained Omen in aspects of the Dark Side that would increase his usefulness. For nearly forty years, Omen followed his master's lead, biding his time, with the knowledge that his opportunity had not yet presented itself. During this time, Demos concentrated more and more of his attention on immortality and preperations for overall galactic rule. Over time, even as Omen's skills grew, Demos grew comfortable in his beleif that Omen was not a threat. Darth Demos did not count on two things. The first was Darth Omen's cunning. For though Demos strictly regulated Omen's training, he did not consider that his student was able to gather a vast wealth of Sith knowledge on his own. The second was the will of the Dark Side itself, which, in providing Omen his visions, told him with certainty that he would become Dark Lord. As Darth Omen forsaw his opportunity approaching, he put his plan into motion. He developed his own Sith holocron, loaded with knowledge, but also with a custom holographic comlink. Through his unique creation, he could monitor and control information given to a user. To the user, however, he would seem nothing more than the holocron's holographic gatekeeper. Until such time as he chose to reveal himself, the device would create a secure, one-way channel to isolate and begin training an apprentice. As his preperations progressed, the Force suggested to him, with some clarity, where and when he would find his apprentice. It also showed him that the Sith would not rule the galaxy in his lifetime, but that Darth Demos would soon reveal the order's existence if not stopped. Darth Omen knew his take time control and preserve the Sith's secrecy was nigh. Omen deduced that he would need to fabricate the circumstances in which his apprentice would willingly follow the dark path. Through his potential student's childhood, he manipulated events that would cultivate strong emotions in the child, and conflict within the child's environment. The day came when he was ready for the holocron to be discovered. Omen's holocron was searched out and illicitly purchased by Hale, a poor, desperate Alderaanian boy with a well developed fascination in Sith lore. Playing his role as a long dead gatekeeper, Darth Omen began Hale's education, finely honing his budding Force skills. Hale's natural charisma and growing power drew others to him. Within a year, Hale had created a gang of Dark Side followers who began terrorizing and manipulating the citizens of Alderra. As the nature of the gang became apparent to authorities, the Alderaanian Jedi contingent was asked to rid the city of the vicious cult. Jedi Master Jacoby Bardonna decided to send his two students, Jordan Farseer and Elani Wynflaire, to infiltrate and eliminate the gang from the inside. Darth Omen's net was cast. For a year Farseer and Wynflaire worked undercover to gain Hale's trust, and then to start beaking down his insidious group. Meanwhile Darth Omen knew it was time to make his move. Darth Demos, who had grown lax and unconcerned toward his own aging student, was taken by surprise. Regardless, he put up a brilliant but brief fight before Omen actually caused Demos to accidentally impale himself on his crimson blade. Darth Omen was now the Dark Lord of the Sith. Omen returned his attention to Hale, cultivating his skills and expanding his knowledge. At the same time, Elani Wynflaire was growing increasingly conflicted between her Jedi upbringing and the attraction of Hale's Dark Side teachings. When she and Farseer finally initiated the end of the gang, dispatching many members and driving others into police custody, Elani found herself in a final confrontation with Hale himself. She quickly realized her Jedi skills were no match for Hale's control of the Force. In desperation she reached for the power of the Dark Side in an attempt to end the conflict. As the dark energies gave her strength beyond anything she had known, she found power to easily defeat Hale. That same dark eneregy left a mark on her soul she knew she would never forget. Before Hale was taken into custody, she made an impulsive decision and grabbed Hale's prized holocron. As Wynflaire returned to her routine Jedi life, she tried to put her brush with the Dark Side behind her, and nearly forgot about the holocron she had stolen and concealed. For four more years, she continued her Padawan training, but Darth Omen's carfully culitvated emotional instabilities finally got the best of her. In a life changing move, and on the eve of her elevation to Knighthood, she renounced her allegiance to the Jedi and left the order. As she wandered the mid rim aimlessly, her mind wandered back toward the power and control the Dark Side had given her. Curious and without focus, she turned to the stolen holocron. Darth Omen knew she was his. He answered her call, again in the guise of the gatekeeper, for the better part of two years. He carfully fed her knowledge that would make her ideal to lead the Sith into the next generation. He helped her feed upon her fear, anger, and hate to increase her power and mastery of the Force. Then, he revealed himself. Darth Omen's preperation of the young woman had been flawless, and she willingly submitted to his lead. Because of her potential for hate, anger, and above all, contempt, for the Jedi, Bardonna, and Farseer, he dubbed her Darth Temptuous. From that point on, her Sith training began in earnest. For ten years, Darth Omen trained her in all facets of the Sith. Having been shown by the Force that Sith domination of the galaxy was still perhaps centuries away, he emphasized the importance of secrecy, manipulation, and strategic planning. Events in which they were invovled could shape the entire future of the Sith, and in fact, the Galaxy. He preached caution and patience, but some lessons fall on deaf ears. For some time, Omen had wondered if his manipulations of his student's emotions as a child had done too much damage. She was prone to losing control of her emotions, but did not show signs of mental instability. After all, his visions showed him that she would one day lead the Sith. His visions, however, finally betrayed him, and did not show him a chance encounter between Temptuous and her past. He could feel, through the Force, the moment she snapped. He could sense rage and jealosy playfully toying with her sanity. In a powerful rush, he sensed her complete loss of reason and surrender to hate. Not long after, Darth Omen clearly felt Darth Temptuous' brutal, agonizinig death. Darth Omen reassessed his position and his faith in the Dark Side visions which had guided his entire life. He then began the long search for the next Dark Lord of the Sith.


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