Modular Cruiser

A long time ago... I promised to create and post drawings of some of the vessels that were used to construct the pirate ship Min's Wind. This is one of those ships.

This is a modular cruiser. Each section is designed to be easily removed, inserted, or modified to fit the needs of the mission. This design made this style vessel ideal for use as a freighter as well as a fighter carrier.

The bow components were fairly standard. Midship components were available with a variety of bridge configurations, hanger decks, shuttle docking pads, armored turbolaser batteries, and even lush passenger liner modules. The aft drive section was available in several sizes, depending on size of the assembled vessel, or how much speed the owner wanted to pay for.

Popular in the waning days of the Old Republic, it was not uncommon to see vessels such as these assmebled in configurations measuring several kilometers in length


Oh man I like that! I like it a lot!! Lovely illustration of a wonderfully designed ship.