"Milo. Just Milo." [Tusserk]

What can I say about this NPC?

Milo has been one of the more consistent NPCs in a few of my games, usually appearing alongside a pale Rodian doctor and a bright red Mon Cal supersoldier.

Milo is a Bothan, born to a wealthy family on Bothawui, and educated in the finest schools throughout the Republic. He became an exceptional pilot and crafty businessman, and found himself in the information broker business like most Bothans, although he tried to avoid high-risk illegal ventures when possible.

He retained a close-knit group of novice Bothan spies, and considered them family, calling them his nieces and nephews. Later in his career, he became infamous for the regular soirees held at his estate on the planet Lith, an unremarkable Bothan colony. He married in his late thirties, abandoning his playboy lifestyle to settle down with his wife, whom he kept out of the spotlight due to the few enemies he had made during his time. He had it easy, to be sure. He continued to run operations from his estate, only going into the field to train new recruits or ensure something was done correctly and safely. But, unfortunately, this was not to last.

By his late forties, Milo had accumulated a fair network of spies and commandos, and the Republic became the Empire, bringing its socio-political might to bear against non-humans. Milo's business was quickly declared a threat to security by certain Imperial parties interested in usurping control of his networks and resources. Like most semi-legitimate businessmen of the time, Milo was forced into outright criminality after an attempt on his life. His wife died shortly thereafter from a degenerative illness, and he found himself alone once again, both a blessing and a curse in this case. He called on his network of contacts, who eventually led him to a malcontent former senator from Corellia, one Garm Bel Iblis, who had recently gone into hiding.

Working with the senator, Milo soon found many enemies in the galaxy; he specialized in double-deals with pirate organizations and criminal syndicates, stealing money and resources for his benefactor's personal rebellion during the Dark Times. It was during this time that he ran afoul of Dorthic 'Indigo' Splorr, a savage Thaloonian (a squat species of my own devising) gangster from whom Milo was stealing not an insignificant amount of bacta, which Splorr kept on-hand to keep business associates alive while torturing them. Milo had crossed his last crime lord, and Indigo pursued him with reckless abandon. Indigo finally caught up with Milo on Duro, where Milo suffered for many days under Splorr's ministrations before escaping and hijacking a ship. Even with his expertise as a pilot, Milo found the task of flying without eyes, as they had been recently removed, very taxing, and crash-landed on a remote inhospitable planet near Bothan space, where he was found and rescued by one of his many nephews.

As of 5BBY, Milo can be found (when he wants to be) on Ithor, recruiting bright candidates for Garm Bel Iblis's rebellion. He has declined repeated opportunities to have his eyes cybernetically replaced, insisting that he's 'seen quite enough'. He uses a system of textured cards, otherwise innocuous blank sheets of paper, to communicate through his network on Ithor, and dresses and acts like just another destitute beggar in any of the ghetto areas of the many herdships above the planet, easily staying off the radar.

I've imagined him as a Bothan Morgan Freeman (aside from the missing eyes), in both his solemn sagacity and aged appearance. He wears a common orange flight suit, although it is so worn and beaten as to be unserviceable. When he had eyes, they were very soft and knowing, for what it's worth. He carries no weapons or possessions aside from his ratty, stained flight suit, presumably the very one he was wearing during his visit from Indigo on Duro.

Thank you for reading; it would be a delight to actually show my players what their contact/mentor looks like, and it would surely help them to immerse themselves in the experience.


I'm not as snappy as Hish when it comes to ninja-ing requests, but inspiration totally struck when I read this one. ;) Done, and it will be here.

Also I felt kind of compelled to do it as a 'thankyou' to you, UG, for your exceptional patience while I work on that other piece that I owe you. I promise it hasn't been abandoned!


Incredible work! Thank you so much, and I know my players will be overjoyed to see it.

As far as patience goes, I subscribe to the idea that every being has a literally infinite supply of patience, we just have to learn how to use it. I don't know if it's been said somewhere before, but all of my good NPC's live by it, and I am surprised I haven't heard a canon Jedi Master say it at some point. No rush on the other piece; it's the thought that counts, ultimately. :)