Dame Acklay

Well, here’s what I’ve heard: some say that Dame Acklay got her name from her fearsome demeanor; others say she actually took down one of the vendaxan monsters with her bare hands. Most say to keep well away, or she’ll get what she wants from you before you realize you even had it. For the boldest, that formidable Wookiee seems to materialize through a bulkhead any time she needs him.

You want my opinion? I don’t think anyone knows the real Dame, and I don't know if anyone will because she's kind of dropped off the map. She hasn’t worked on a pirate crew in years; that Wookiee companion hasn’t been seen for some time; one of those bewitching eyes is scored with scars and sports an eye patch. She keeps her hair short now, and flies around in a Firespray called the Neutrino Sledge. All I can say is keep your distance; that girl is trouble!


Good to see you back Evan...  Love the wooden cross bow... Very nice details...   Nice work man.


Seconded on that bowcaster man, nice work. The attitude on this piece is pretty killer too, and I gotta say that I really dig the glowing gloves.

Lord Crumb

Excellent details and she looks like someone you don't mess with at anytime.   Glad to see you back.

I. J. Thompson

Outstanding! So great to see the final piece!

Evan Black

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