TIE/ sf RAVAGER Orthos

In the later years of the galactic civil war, the successful fighter implementation of the rebel alliance did not go unnoticed by the Empire. The TIE Defender and Avenger were attempts to remedy this problem. The TIE Ravager was a further development with improvedatmospheric flight capabilities and stealth properties owed to its wing structure. Derived form imperial pilots' experience from confrontations with rebel Y-Wings, a turret mounted blaster cannon was inluded in the design, improving the Ravager's defence capability, along with its offensive potential. A single forward ion cannon allowed disabling spacecraft, while two warhead launchers, capable to carry a total of 6 warheads, allowed attacking either fighters or capital ships, depending on the loadout. In difference to other similar spacecraft, the Ravager could even alter its loadout between the launchers, one being loaded with missiles against fighters, one with bombs against capital ships. To help with weapons, targetting and sensors, the Ravager could have a co-pilot onboard.
The ship was equipped with shields and hyperdrive similarly to the Avenger and Defender to protect the valuable spacecraft. The increased costs and training required for the crew mandated additional protection. The subsequent more elaborate production also limited the availability of the fighter. Most successfully General Madd Whitemoon used the strike fighter in the 111th Starfighter Wing onboard the ISD Insourmountable. 


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