Red Sketto Squadron

A PC-group pic for an one-shot-or-maybe-more-adventure about a New Republic starfighter squadron, called the "Red Sketto Squadron". I DMed the first adventure on New Year's Eve of 2019.

The characteres are:

  • Bursack, jester-like Rodian. Callsign: Sketto 8 / "Snoodles"
  • Nina Blizz, Zeltron hothead. Callsign: Sketto 9 / "Kisses"
  • Khorossk, precise Trandoshan. Callsign: Sketto 11 / "Pikki"
  • Xura, an experienced Rutian Twi'lek. Callsign: Sketto 7 / "Warehorse"

In the adventure the team had to evacuate a New Republic spy from an imperial plant so the republic fleet could bombard the facility. So it was more an infiltration mission than a typical starfighter combat, but maybe we will revisit these characters to have some dogfights against imperial TIE-fighters.