Mart Ironworth

Mart Ironworth was a Mandalorian Blacksmith. Like his bretheren, he was a skilled warrior, but was also a master at working Beskar iron. Inspired by Karen Traviss' portayal of Mandalorian society throughout her novels, he is based on a custom figure I made some years back. In the armor, I was going for a look of cast-iron and chrome. This was a pencil & ink sketch with colored pencil. The background and some slight enhancements were don in Photoshop.


Very creative :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Now that is super cool. The character concept is great, and you've done such a great job depicting him-- definitely got some skills with the coloured pencils, there.


Thanks! The pencils are a lot more work than Photoshop, but it really felt worthwhile doing it, and I'm very happy with the result. It's been a long time since a did a non-digital colored drawing.


Awesome... The chrome and black contrast so well! I love how he doesn't wear sleeves or gadget-laden vambraces. More than a warrior, the image makes me wonder what sort of house he lives in, what his forge looks like, his family...

A great way of making him more than just another Mando grunt.


Great job. ;)
I like the reflection in the chrome areas of the armor.
Is it the landscape? Really looks like it could be.
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