Lai'thyie Fel'day Reglia; Kiffar Padawan [Request]

Took a crack at Ezekiel's request for a young Kiffar. The request itself was pretty extensively detailed; clearly a well thought out and loved character, which can be pretty intimdating to come up against! And I was also in the mood to try a nice close portrait, which sadly doesn't even acknowledge a good portion of her description (including a patch of the Max Rebo band on the back of her jacket! Aaaah! I kind of just want to draw THAT!!!) -- but hopefully this isn't too far off the mark?

Lord Cygnus

Well, it would have been cool to see the patch of the Max Rebo band on the back of her jacket, but I really love this portrait that you've done, it's wonderful. Maybe you can do another drawing later of her glancing over her shoulder with that patch fully delayed for all to see.


Homygosh it's amazing!  It's... it's... it's... I might squeal if I don't contain myself!

Thank you, so much!


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