The Krakana Trio Adventures - Title Cards

The title cards or banners for the first four adventures/contracts of our bounty hunters campaign.

  1. Small Fishes: Catching a indebted ex-smuggler for a Hutt crime lady on an idyllic Outer Rim planet
  2. Deadly Digging: Assassinating a core world xenoarcheologist for tomb raiding
  3. Nothing Personal: Finding a traitorous hitman on Nar Shaddaa
  4. Easy Money: A seemingly easy critter-hunt on a swampy backwater planet

A fun little landscape practice.


So this is fun. You're doing a bit of "identity" work on top of your normal art giving it a very graphic appeal. I like the font choice, I like the replication of text in aurebesh. All in all, really nice, and bring polish to a game that I hope your players really appreciate.