Hale Reveals Darth Omen's Holocron

I am super excited to post this one!  This was a collaberation between myself and Tusserk.  I had some "story moment" images I had drawn and I knew I would not be able to do the coloring justice and put forth what I had in mind.  Image after image from Tusserk has shown how she can make light and reflections dance on a page, so I asked if she would be interested in working together on this.  This is the result.  Thank you so much Tusserk!!

If you've read some of the backstories on my character drawings, this image will fall into place. This image is set around 300 years before the Clone Wars, when the Sith are thought extinct.  Hale was the leader of a cult-gang of dark side hopefuls on Alderaan. When he was a young teenager he stole an artifact that turned out to be a Sith Holocron.  He was eventually able to access it and begin learning from the holographic gatekeeper, Darth Omen.

As the threat of Hale's gang grew, it gained attention from the Jedi.  They decided the gang must be disbanded. Their plan was to send a pair of teenage Padawan learners, undercover, into the cult.  Jordan Farseer and Elani Wynflair suceeded in infiltrating the group and gaining Hale's trust. 

Over time, Hale bagan to see great potential in Elani and drew her into his inner circle.  This image is the moment he discloses the source of his Dark Side Knowledge to her, by revealing Darth Omen's Holocron.


I'm in love with what Tusserk did with this overall, but the three top things that really did it for me were the following:

1. The background shadows - really give a sense of a darkened confined space. Ecxactly what I had in mind.

2. The coloring and lighting in Hale's brooch.  It really looks metallic.

3. Finally - the holocron turned out amazing! I love the choice of colors and the glow.  I guess I didn't have anything particular in mind by for the lettering on the base, but the way Tusserk made the letters glow easily brings more to the image that what I was hoping for.


I love collaboration pieces.  Always nice to see how different art styles can still fit together..   Nice piece.