Game of Sabacc (1940's meet Star Wars)

It all started on a raining aftrenoon when a PI, a Gangster and a Mobster all walked into the same bar. Each extchanged a glance with the other and there was a challenge in each of their eyes. Walking to the back room, they took a seat and the PI shuffled the cards while the mobster delt out the sabacc playing chips. The gangster grabbed three glasses and a full bottle and pored each of them a drink.

  The game started and after a pile of chips was in the middle of the table, the gangster pored herself another drink. The PI watched his opponites. The gangster smirked and didn't bother looking at her cards. The music from the record player droned on.


Well, I had a better story in mind I was gonna write but couldn't remmeber lol. Anyway, from left to right, Gangster (Mando Kasni), Mobster (Smuggler Valway) and PI (Clone Commander Kore).