The Curse [Request]

Vashani the Cathar, Nex'ala the Chiss, 'Doc' the Ithorian, and Kaiya and Vit in the background... this is the motley collective of characters that makes up one of the groups Mr Unnatural GMs for, as per his request!

This is the sort of piece that I could poke and fiddle with for years and probably still mull over... so let's just upload it now while I'm still in 'months'.


This is wonderful Tuss. Love the overall mood and looks on the faces.( which are drawn great ) the colors are so right together...terrific job


If I could make a giant smiley-face without using obnoxious myspace HTML, I would. Excellent job! I'll be sharing this with my players forthwith!


Aw yeah!!! Would love to know what they think. :D

And as always, feel free to throw your email at me in a pm if you'd like the full sized piece to do whatever you want with- and again, thank you TERRIBLY for your unerring patience.


Great work - love the handling of the light source. This one feels like an animation cell from a cartoon, I love it. NIce costume design & rendering on the Chiss.


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