Captain Grit

This is Captain Girt. My other female clone trooper. Personaly this is one of my faviort drawings I've done in awhile. :) She's hyper intellegent and a master of plans. She goes behind enemy lines with about 20-50 troopers at a time and takes out key places. Her class is is ARF trooper. Though she has ARC training do to reasons to indepth to go into at this time. Anyway. Yeah. Captain Grit :)


This is a great drawing. The pose is good and there is some motion going on. If you can get a good color copy of this, so you don't  hurt the origional, try inking it. Sharpie makes a fine line marker that is awesome at it. Practice going over your outer lines to make it pop off the page. Your obviously coming along really well and doing some nice work. 


Casca: Thanks! Inking? I've never done much with inking. Does it skeep through the paper or no?

Braltika: Thank you! :D


It would depend on the pen or marker you use. The fine point sharpie I mentioned is designed to write with so it does not seep through.