Back in the Day...

Aaaahh! This is the earliest existing rendition of our characters... four sessions in or so, and we were just barely getting to know them! Needless to say, our 'designs' as well as the in-character development of the squad have come a loooong, long long long way, but this is definitely a fun piece of nostalgia for us all.

This was also the first time Tusserk whipped out his lightsaber; "What, me, a Jedi? Nooo, no no no. Why would you think that? This saber? Nooo, I... I found it! I found it at that Temple we were at last week, you know the one! Yeah, there. Just... it was just on the ground. Pleasedon'ttellVader??"


I love how much is going on in this scene, it's so frenetic. Great job!



Gotta love those nostalgic moments from long ago!

We all have our fond game memories.

Nice group action scene. The expressions are really good.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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