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1. Line work for the speeder with side car and lots of weapons.

February 28, 2013 by: Lal-Khan in: Work In Progress

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I have been a long time gamer (over 20 years now), writer, designer and artist. Art is passion, an idea brought into reality. Anything can be done with the right mind set. I focus mostly on 3d modeling currently.

When I do requests, I try to capture the description given so keep that in mind when making a request. You will be much happier with the results if you give a full account of what you are looking for. Where we do have liberty to create, it helps to have something to go off of.

I am a Austin, Texas living guy who is a husband to my wonderful wife, father to two wonderful kids, servant to three cats, best friend to one dog, and egg stealer for four chickens.

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November 30, 1999
Austin, TX, USA
3d,digital, pencil, ink
Request here - The request for artwork of the AT-ST/A variant and the AT-AR variant walkers. The AT-AR wasn't took hard to find some reference material. The AT-ST/A wasn't so easy. Based on the description from the Star Wars Wiki, it is basically a mix of a AT-ST and a AT-XT prototype so I decided to give it a AT-XT cockpit and a AT-ST body and legs.
Request Here - Working off the Rapier-class fighter as a base model, I shortened the ship and thinned out the wings to give it a sleeker look. I then removed the x-wing laser cannons and extended the fore cannons to give them more kick. A central ion cannon was added as a top side cannon. I haven't added the the rocket pods under the wings yet and I still need to color in the ion cannon.
Request Post here - Part II of the initial request for a bomber style fighter using the Rapier as a baseline. 1. Added a copilot seat to the cockpit. Added twin laser cannons on a Y-axis turret. Added armor plating across the ship. 2. Added a second pair of wings. 3. Removed the second pair of wings and increased the size of the base wings.
Request Post here - This request is for a new class of fighter which is a hybrid of the x-wing fighter and the hapan miy'til. Surprisingly, these two ships meld quiet well together.