...Since the other one is getting hard to work with from the bulk of images, or maybe just that the computer I use is really bad, also cause I don't like...forcing (lolpuns) people to look at anything I draw, rather give them the option of stumbling upon them. A lot of these range from "rediculously old" to "i drew this like a day ago" buuutttttt I would end up writing a small novel explaining all of them, so rather I will refrain and only explain those that anyone might be curious about.

August 14, 2013 by: Rina in: sketches

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Just here cause I love our current campaign and draw things for it all the time :>

I am also insanely in love with the Fosh species, but that really should not be a surprise.

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October 10, 1999
Brisbane, Australia
Digital and straight up pencils
and these only exist because another artist prompted me to make them
Whoa nelly! Now that I know howthis works Imma just go at it from here. Also getting rid of that wall of text. If anyone is actually interested in the story behind any of these I am more than happy to share, but otherwise I am going to be typing a small novel explaining everything XD   EDIT as of 29MAY13- throwing in a few more odds and ends, enjoy?