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Alien sketches - WIP

Sorry for being gone so long! I've finally made some headway on this request by jerster

Jul 12, 2017 by: Asok in: WIP

Masters of Teras Kasi

For the monthly theme - Mirialan and Miraluka martial artists. I want to do a background, but I'm stuck for ideas. I drew a weird desertscape, but I don't think I like it. Any ideas?

Mar 20, 2014 by: Asok in: WIP

Bounty Hunter Duo WIP

Sketch for a request I took out for Scrumtrulescent, unfortunately a very long time ago.

Dec 27, 2013 by: Asok in: WIP
I wanted to share this beautiful drawing my girlfriend Cat made, using a sketch I drew for a commission. It's a lady Gotal pilot.   She says there are Easter eggs...   Aaaand here's a Herglic. "There's no Easter eggs in this one, just potatoes." -Cat
My new year's resolution this year was to learn a new digital painting style, so I bookmarked a load of digital painting tutorials and waited for some free time. Well, since I'm on vacation, I thought this was a good time to give it a go. I took an old piece I had drawn in more or less my usual style and re-colored it in a new style, following a tutorial by Roberto Campos. This is the result. I'm hoping I can get comfortable enough to incorporate these techniques into my usual drawings. I feel like it adds a lot of depth and intensity.
I've been writing term papers for the last two weeks, and I needed a break, so I sketched my version of moncalJeanValjean's privateer character. Maybe I'll claim the request and do the others sometime. I feel like I have other obligations, though... hmm
So, I've been playing a lot of D&D lately, and doing a lot of D&D commissions, so I thought I'd share some stuff. I've been doing commission work for indie publishers making D&D/Pathfinder resources for sale on sites like I've also drawn some of my own characters. (I think everyone in my gaming group wants one now, too...)
Crimson's request for a Wookiee bounty hunter and protocol droid, sketched up during some free time. I know, I've been doing a lot of Wookiees lately. I'd like to think I'm at least getting proficient at it by now...
I had some downtime waiting for feedback on commissions, so I did up the lines for Lord Crumb's Ishi Tib scout.
Decided to do a late-night Twi'lek sketch while I should be doing other things. Linguistic-y things... If you want to take over from here, Casca, I would be much obliged. ;) I can send you a high-res PSD if you like.