Continuing on with my "Cartoon Versions" series; I sketched these farmers last night, and hope to ink and color them soon.

January 24, 2013 by: Sithsherald in: Work In Progress

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I am a long time Star Wars fan and a self taught artist in both 2-D and 3-D mediums. I enjoy working with pencils and inks and am currently learning my way around Photoshop. I also enjoy sculpting, model building and figure customizing. I'm an engineer by trade, so I enjoy designing equipment and vehicles (especially if they don't really need to function...). I have been drawing characters since I was four, and enjoy continually learning how to improve my techniques. I am an active member of the Minnesota Force chapter of Fanforce.

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March 7, 1975
Corcoran, MN, USA
Pencil, Ink, Digital, Sculpture
This is a sketch of another one of my custom figures. Malin was a clone pilot who defected to become part of Mandalorian society. He took on elements of traditional Mando armor while keeping the best pieces of his GAR kit.
This is a sketch of one of the custom figures I have made.
This is a Legacy era Sith I designed. I've actually costumed as him at CONvergence 2010 in Minneapolis, and at Celebration V.
This is the latest vehicle I am working on. It's kind of a peripheral piece from one of my other designs. If you look at the back of my Vourren Fighter Carrier, you'll see an early draft of this ship docked there.