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A Koralh is a common riding beast on the planet Extreph. Its four long thin legs, capped in bulbous four-toed feet, glide quickly, nearly silently, and gracefully across the countryside. Koralh have powerful from legs, which are much longer and more muscular than the rear. Its body is wide and rotund, and its neck is squat and encircled in rolls of fat and skin. the Koralh's face is narrow and long, ending in a snout that is not unfamiliar looking, which ends not unlike a nerf's. They have a long beard which hangs down from their chin nearly to the ground, but the crowning glory of an adult Koralh is its rack of antlers, thin and spindly, they spiral out to as many as 26 points, but even the less elaborate racks have at least 10 points. The coloration of the Koralh's short fur is always drab and solid colored, ranging from a charcoal gray to a medium brown. A Koralh has no tail, is rarely seen without a saddle on it, and stands roughly 2.4 meters tall, not including it's antlers. Koralh have seen an insurgence of popularity of late, setting their price point out of reach of the common man.


I love this request. I have a shortage of free time right now, so it might be a bit but if you aren't in a huge rush, I'll take it.


Hey man, no problem whatsoever... Take your time, enjoy yourself, have fun with the whole thing! I am seriously just glad you took a look and it piqued your interest! And just for clarification sake, not that it's not obvious, the second line of the above description should read "powerful front legs"... Anyway man, thanks for choosing this one!


Don't want to be a pest, just checking in, seeing if the art is progressing at all yet...


Okay, just checking here... It's fully been a YEAR since I posted this, please tell me that this is at least being worked on... I've tried not to be a pest, but I'm worried this has been forgotten, or written off...

Let me know what's going on, please...


I'd suggest sending Fizzyglug a PM on the site, and ask him directly, and see if you get a reply. Or if you want, I can move this back to the request forum, or you could just make a new request, and I can delete this one.

I'll leave it up to you.


.....part of me is sort of really hoping that this request has been abandoned. ;) I remember eyeing it off when it was first posted, but I wasn't a Guild member yet!!


So, for a while there I was unable to connect... I'd be MORE than happy to have you work on this one, Tuss! You know I love your style, and cannot wait to see what you'd do with this! And seriously, thanks so much!


So, I am always amazed with how well you can duplicate the things I imagine! It's spot on, Tuss! The only change I'd make at all, before you get too deep, is to make the feet a bit more prominent... Literally no other changes I could think to make, since this one is VERY close to what I described to my players! One more quick thing, any chance you could give some type of person/object/animal next to it, to give it size perspective?

Thanks so much! Above & beyond, seriously!



Drawing, drawing, doing more drawing!! And I've encountered another quick question I want to ask you- the beard and the antlers, are they present on both genders, or just the males? Or less pronounced in females perhaps?

I'm having so much fun with this creature. XD I'll probably end up with a few pictures for you, and will make sure to include at least one with some sort of point of reference for size. And will try to enhance the 'bulbous' aspect of the feet!


So, the beards and antlers are less ornate and pronounced on the females, but they're still there... Sorry this took so long to post, the stupid spam filter is killing me!


Just letting you know I've chucked another sketch up in my sketchbook! One with a human-ish figure beside it; can't decide if I've got the scale quite right? Let me know if you think the figure aught to be scaled down a little!

I figured that when the koralh lifts its head as high as it can, the rolls of fat (and muscle, there's got to be some muscle under there!) bunches up to form a hump that actually peaks higher than the head itself, but while the koralh is grazing the fat would hang a lot more loosely, and the highest point of the animal is the withers. What d'you think?


Alright, so first off let me tell you, I am laboring to get these posts up... I am still continually apparently violently opposing the spam filters. So, once again I am EXTREMELY sorry this has taken almost a week, honestly!

Anyway, so on to the notes I have for the sketches... First, I have to say, I am enamored with both drawings, my godson's PC has been astride a Koralh for almost a year now, and he LOVES the creature... Your drawing is truly breathing life into the descriptions I have given him, and the meager one here on the message boards! I hope you know, I am not a brown-noser, just loving the work thus far! Only notes I'd make are that the feet are still just a bit on the small side (as ridiculous as THAT may sound!)... And I'd request that when you do the finishing sketches on the saddle, that you'd make it equal parts equestrian saddle and sci-fi... I am trying to think, as I write this up, what I mean by that exactly, and I'd say steer clear of the old west look, and maybe give it some flexible anodized tubing, or a box of lights (though the mind baffles at what these lights would be for?!?), or metallic embellishments and bars, or something of the sort, just to make it seem less anachronistic in the Star Wars setting...

I KNOW that's super vague, and I am usually a fount of specificity, but aside from saying you're EXACTLY on the right track with the sketch progressions of the actual beast, and that I need the hardware to be Star Wars-y in feel, I guess I don't know of any other modifications/additions I'd have you make...

Once again, thanks SOOOO much Tuss, you're truly an amazing artist, and you seem to get my vision uncannily well... And like I've said before (and this is no criticism of ANYONE, truly...), it's just extremely nice to see PROGRESS being made!


Hey hey!

So, I've uploaded a piece I've done so far, having a bit of a go at depicting an adult male, adult female and a calf... of course it may be a few days before it comes up, as is the way of the galaxy, but when it does it'll be here!

But I'm not done, haha, I still intend to complete a colour piece for you as well! Don't know if my pm to you made it through, or maybe you just haven't checked back in a little while, but pleeeeease feel free to give me any feedback on any elements of the Koralh that could still be corrected when I have a go at doing the one that features in your game!! I keep worrying about the feet, hahaha, do they need to be bigger still?

Anyway, hope you're well, and it's a pleasure drawing for you. :D