Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year too boot. I've been working my tail off to get this new theme out the front door for you all. I personally like it much better, and I think everyone else will as well. I spent quite a bit of time and tried to make sure this was all working nicely before launching it. I have a few more bells and whistles that I'll probably toss on before it "finished" if anything is ever finished around here. :-D

The Profile pages have been altered a TON. There are still a couple of bugs on this (especially for non-guild members), but overall I think it's been improved significantly.

The blog sections of the site have been largely reformatted to display the most recently updated blog. This means that you need not found new blogs so that people will see that you've added new content to an old WIP, you can just update the old blog and it will filter to the top of the heap. This should make tracking a single WIP WAY easier.

I have some more things in mind for the blog section, but that's some testing still and a lot of experimenting. I haven't tested this thing in IE at ALL, so if you use that POS of a browser please switch to firefox. I'll eventually test it in IE.

Let me know what you all think, I hope you like it.