A WIP: Looking for feedback

Hey folks,

Working on a piece and was hoping to get a little feedback, opinions, comments or critiques. I want to know if I'm on the right track with this.



Here is another one I would like some feed back on if you would be so kind.

Rodian Hunter

Thanks in advance.



Looking awesome!! What species is she?

The one thing that draws my attention in terms of making adjustments would be her legs- something about the perspective isn't sitting right with me, possibly because the foreshortening/perspective you've managed wonderfully with her arms isn't quite matched. At the moment it looks as though her right leg is substantially shorter than her left-- you could possibly lengthen it a touch, and/or start the heel of the left foot right where you've ended the black lines? (I'm on a computer without photoshop at the moment, sigh, or I'd do some test scribbles for you! Always works so much better when you can 'see' it!!!!)

Anyway, good luck with this!! Can't wait to see more work on it.



The race is one my friend Tim came up with. Antro - Near human atributes - The only real difference is slightly better hearing and the look of course.

Good catch with the leg, thank you, not sure how I missed that. :D


Hey Wonderduck.. just so you know.. I've made you part of the artist guild.. you can actually use the Blog and make a WIP in it now.

Valerie C
  • The female's left hand (the far one) is too small.
  • The top of her right arm doesn't look forshortened.  The shoulder detail especially looks like it is flat on rather then receeding.
  • There is a tangent between her left leg and the back of the droid.
  • She's a good 3-5 heads taller then the Rodian, and the Rodian is only a head taller then the droid.  Basically, there is a small scaling problem going on.
  • Her left eye is too small.  It's not that much further back in space so it should be close to the same size.
  • I don't think her face is located on her head properly.  I think it would more likely be up and slightly further right given the angle.
  • You come in too far for her wraist.  Her back/side justs caves in.  I get that you're trying to give her an hour glass figure, but that pose at this angle means it's going to be a very subtle curve in the line.  The line from her left underarm/shoulder to her hip is going to be almost straight.
  • The rodians arms are too small.  They need to be a little bigger/(longer?) to fit his body size.
  • All the figures need thicker lines towards the base to help give them weight.  That extra bit of 'inked shadow/thicker lines' on the ground points out where they are connecting with the flour.

Hope that helps!  Sorry I'm late to this party, you probably could have used this critique sooner.