Clone Legion Armor Design


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Hey everyone. I am doing a Clone Wars RPG and its going really well. Well for the clones they came up with a unique design. The clones wear all black armor with red highlights on the extras. They distinguishes rank by painting a white skeleton on the armor. All troopers have a white skull painted on there helmet, and as they go up in rank they paint the rest of the skeleton on the armor. the commander having a full skeleton. I have got most of it done but have had problems with the skeleton, can someone help me please. Below are links to what I came up with.


ARC Trooper…



Since this isn't really a request for a picture I'm moving it to the Artwork Asssitance forum. The request forum is for requests of artists of characters that will inspire them to want to make your character.



Sorry have been without internet for a week.

Well it was kinda a either or request. I mean my artwork sucks, would love to see a beautifully rendered version of these guys, if anyone wants to take it on. The links I posted are basic concept, would love to see a pic with the Commander a couple of ARC and a squad of troopers would look like.