The curse [Tusserk]

I feel it necessary to provide a brief explanation of why I am requesting this in the first place, before I actually make the request. I would draw this myself, but I have a sort of a curse. Every time I draw a SW group, they disband. I wish I was joking, but it's happened more times than I can count. As soon as I finish a nice portrait of a group that I'm GM'ing, one or more players get busy, deployed, or worse, and we never have another session with those characters.

Given my unusual circumstances, I don't want this to happen with the group I'm running, but I feel they deserve to see something depicting their most recent achievement. This will be a group portrait, which I understand can be daunting, but let me give you a brief tour of their recent travails.

Our heroes have found themselves, most recently, fighting their way through the underground fortress of the mad scientist Darth Geist. What was once a subway system, under the once grand Cathar city of Mavrid, has been turned into a virtual swamp of sith alchemy and genetic engineering, overgrown with a tenacious mutated moss and burgeoning with blistered growths oozing with various fluids. They have pursued this particular Dark Lord here to disable a jamming array being used in the siege of the city, and to retrieve a Jedi holocron and destroy the Sith holocron being used to corrupt it.

Among the brave souls on this quest are:

Vashani, a white-furred male Cathar Jedi with one green and one yellow eye, wearing the customary brown Jedi robes and wielding a green-bladed lightsaber. He keeps finding himself in unfortunate situations like these.

'Doc'Trom, a quiet, ruddy Ithorian in a long white coat with mildly ornate gold trim, bearing a medical kit on his chest, and a heavy blaster in a holster. He has the dubious honor of carrying the suitcase-sized improvised 'football' that will be used to disable the jamming array.

Nex'ala Ishar, a female Chiss, pretty much a Chiss version of Aeryn Sun, wearing a flat black flack jacket over the customary black tank top and black cargo pants. She carries a heavily modified sniper rifle that 'some guy totally gave' her.

Kaiya, a young, hot-headed mechanic and Force Adept, donning a pale blue poopy suit with a heavy blaster pistol which you have a sneaking suspicion was in her hand from birth. She has ivory skin, deep brown eyes, and auburn hair cut to just below her ears.

Vit, a short, Paul Bunyan-esque commando with a tan jumpsuit and helmet, and a heavy blaster rifle. This is his first assignment away from home. You can tell.

I'd like to see someone tackle this, maybe churn out a nice snapshot of them trudging through one of the poorly-lit corridors, besmirched with various and unspecified fluids. I'd like to see poor Doc Trom carrying the 'football'. I've envisioned it looking something like a shallow metallic cylinder with a rounded top and handles on the sides, cluttered with wires and displays, obviously cobbled together in a hurry.

Again, I would do this myself, but I fear the curse too much.

Thanks for reading! :D


"Curses are for the weak minded." ...

Anyway, I think you already know that in the rules for making requests, they request that you limit it to 3 characters, since any more than three can be over whelming, and may never get picked up. However, it is possible that someone would pick it up, so I'll leave it here for now.

And about my opening sentence, it's not meant to be insulting. Just joking with you.

Hope someone does it for you.


Dag-nabbit; I read and re-read the guidelines, I swear, and must've missed that part. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

With that in mind then, I will add a caveat to say that Vashani, Doc, and Nex are the focal point of the whole thing, given that they are taking significant steps toward completing their destinies in this particular story arc. If someone ends up picking up the project, those three will suffice, although I certainly won't fault anyone for including the other two.

Thanks again, Xanamiar, and I am thoroughly humbled at my oversight. But the curse thing still stands. I'd prove it if I wasn't so worried about losing this group. :P



I'm powerfully tempted to take this on, especially with your three lead characters striking just the right level of appeal for me! Ahahaaa. Couple of questions before I definitely commit though--

First, I am very much a slave to my fickle artistic whims, work on many projects simultaneously, and can't promise that it'll get done in a hurry. Would you be put off terribly by a bit of a wait, should that happen?

Second, how would you feel if I requested something from you in return? ;) Don't need to worry about cursing my group, the campaign is over and we haven't yet started on our next! (Don't feel obliged to say 'yes', haha, whether or not I take your request really depends only on your answer to the first question! Buu~uuut just thought I'd throw it out there, me 'n my group absolutely looooooove seeing depictions of our home game done by other folk!!)


Tusserk, that would be grand! Waiting's not a problem.

I'm flattered you would request something from me in return, although jumping in blind is a bit intimidating. I love drawing Trandoshans too, so at least one character will be my cup o tea. Gimme some more details though, so I can give you a definite yes or no. Incidentally, I've been looking for that picture I drew once of a fairly badass Trando Jedi, and haven't been able to dig it up. This will give me a chance to use the same style without plagiarizing myself :P

And, likewise, you might have to wait awhile; I tend to just concentrate intensely about what I want to draw until I have a good image of it in my head and the muse arbitrarily strikes me, could be a day, could be a week or two, at which point I grab the closest medium and make it a reality in a few minutes. I've even grabbed friends and drawn on their extremities in a pinch. True story.


Incidentally, I think the curse may have applied here too. We have had only one gaming session since I made this request, immediately after it was made, and it doesn't show any signs of letting up...