SWAGgers in training

SWAGgers in training

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So, my kids want to be SWAG artists.

I've decided to create this blog to showcase their SW pictures.


THEY decided.  I had to go along with it.

DAAAW! These are great!

That third one is glorious but I have to admit I'm a particular fan of 'good girl'. Is she a Twi'lek?? I need to know more.

(Please tell the kids I'm dying to see more!!!)

Thanks, guys. The kids are super-excited that you liked their stuff.  They've given me a big ol' stack of additions to start scanning.

And 'Yes', Tuss; That IS a Twi'lek.  Ginni is a big fan of Hera from SW Rebels.

Ahaaa awesome! But HOLD UP JUST A SEC. Please let Ginni know that I absolutely must know more about what's going on in that latest one!!

Ah. That one is Dory's.

Apparently Wolf-Girl waiting with her alien wolf, and watching a hologram about where the bad guys are so she can go fight them :)

Aaahh how did I miss her name at the top!! That's... that's beautiful.


Ginni has a story she is writing about Fox-Girl, who is remarkably similar to Wolf-Girl.  However, I think these concepts were actually arrived at independently. Crazy.

I approve 100% of both stories. I will probably draw them some fan art if I learn enough about them both to feel confident in doing so.

They'd LOVE that!  I'll try to weedle some details outta them.