I wouldn't be surprised if you hate the question as much as I do, haha, but do you know how long it roughly takes you to do one of these? I just can't get over your attention to detail and cleeeaaan clean work!

I work in such fits and spurts at the best of times that I'm always hard pressed to put a time on things.

It can take up to 10 hours from start to finish. I have a certain workflow now that allows me to work faster than when I first started this series. The thing that is most work intensive, is the manual shading. All the shading is done with those pencil like lines. And I do them for the colors and the basic shading in the lineart. So I waste a lot of time with that. But I find the result satisfying and the whole thing usualy feels like traditional pencils and not a sterile digital look.

The attention for detail is sometimes a curse. I get lost in details and redesigns are usualy a result of me not being happy with some little detail...

I think I actually used your Xexto drawing as anatomical reference when I was doing MY Xexto commission! LOL


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