Broadsword-class Bomber

Broadsword-class Bomber

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Part II of the initial request for a bomber style fighter using the Rapier as a baseline.

1. Added a copilot seat to the cockpit. Added twin laser cannons on a Y-axis turret. Added armor plating across the ship.
2. Added a second pair of wings.
3. Removed the second pair of wings and increased the size of the base wings.

I started working on the Broadsword class Bomber. As you can see, it actually doesn't look all that different from the Rapier. Adding a second seat doesn't really modify the ship as much as I thought it would.

Just an idea, put the second seat higher than the first... like he can look over the other pilot to see what's ahead.

Also make a blast shield on either side of the Co-pilot seat...

Just some thoughts :)

Also, you may want to add two wings under the other two to make it look different than the other.. Also give it a couple more weapons that way.

The copilot seat up higher actually messes with the structure of the ship that is too hard for me to do as a beginner in 3d modelling without starting all over. Sorry :(

I did add an extra set of wings which gives it a very Clawcraft look. I kinda dig it actually.

I like it :)...

From a non modelers point of view, couldn't you just raise the cockpit, and angle it,then extend the back of the glass. And raise the seat?...

Just one more suggestion... put this and the other fighter next to one another to scale, so you can tell how much bigger the one is, than the other.

Xanamiar - That would be ideal. The issue that I would have is the main fuselage is all inter-connected panels so "moving" a panel moves all the ones connected to it. I could just cut a whole in it, but then I would have to rearrange all the panels around to weld seamlessly back together so it looks like one piece. I tried to do it, but I'm only a beginner and not that good yet. :)

cool... Was just curious :) ...

Sorry I have not logged in for a while, I am in the process of moving and have no internet access. The extra wings are unnecessary for my storylines. Instead, try to make the wings either more full-looking or perhaps extend them out a little more. Xanamiar, the idea is to have the craft to be as maneuverable as possible, with the extra wings and added weapons as well as the bomber payload of bombs, torpedoes, and detonators the craft would be very slow and easier for enemy pilots and gunners to target. The extra wings also gives the craft a larger target profile, ergo, making it easier to hit. Remove the wings, keep the design as it is with either the fuller wings or extend them out a little more, then try to post the completed models side-by-side to show the size difference. And again, great job man, you are a good designer.

Added revised bomber with just the base wings and increased the size of those wings.

That is perfect. Absolutely perfect. You are coming along great Lal-Khan.

Awesome. We will call this one done then and move onto the Dagger

Sounds good to me. With the Dagger, I know I said a rocket pod with dumbfire rockets, but if you could make the pods streamlined for the undercarriage of the wings and put one pod on each wing to balance the fighter out that would be great.

That makes the most sense to me. I should be able to work on it this weekend

If you are having trouble withthe design then forget the ion cannons and just gowith the rockets and lasers. "Do or do not, there is no try!"

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