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Cool RPG Resource

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Drig pointed this out to me yesterday, and in fear that he will not share it with all of you, I will show you. It's a site called virmin. I highly recommend the NPC generator and the alien name generator.

In using the name generator, I found it beneficial to find as many names of a particular species as I could, then put the letters that appear in those names into the generator, putting some letters more than once to "weight" them. For example, I wanted a Trandoshan name, so I input the letters b,d,g,h,j,k,kk,s,ss,r,t,sh,n,m,l and vowels a,e,i,o,u. It gave some pretty awesome Trando names. Just play around with the settings and you'll get what you want.


I'll take Mr. Yeesrim for the win!

Great! I've never seen a name generator with that much control/variety!

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