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Ishi Tib

I had some downtime waiting for feedback on commissions, so I did up the lines for Lord Crumb's Ishi Tib scout.

Sep 27, 2012 by: Asok in: Work In Progress


Sorry I have not been around much recently but I've been traveling the country. Currently in Michigan but only for a few more weeks. I'll be heading south soon before winter hits. Once I get settled somewhere I'll be back at my art and posting again. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later. ;)

Sep 11, 2012 by: JohnGWolf

My Study of Tusserk

How do you like my version of Tusserk? I'm doing a trade with Tuss, she'll be doing her version of my lovely Zeltron lass in exchange for a drawn picture of Tusserk from me. Let me know your thoughts, okay?

Aug 26, 2012 by: Lord Cygnus in: Work In Progress
While trying to do my own character..again. I was working with him from the Big Picture I had started before. I started modifying him and he turned out almost exactly like I pictured him. So I started to do the same with his apprentice. She also was turning out well. BUT, Being me, I started a series of other pics ( none of which are done). One I started was another Jedi. She, a Falleen, is almost done and looking very nice. So, I took off my apprentice, added the Falleen and am now doing a pic of what I believe my character would do.
Steampunk Tal
Okay, second part of the Steampunk request for KaelWinters. Unfortunately, my scanner has had *ahem* 'issues' and is not my friend at present. So I had to smuggle the picture in to work and use our poxy work machine. It's not brilliant, but at least it's here... ;o) ~ Mercy
Just a heads up, I'm leaving the US for a little while and will be back in roughly three weeks. I'm going where there is no Internet so I won't be around but I will be drawing! Trying out drawing on my brand new iPad! Be back soon!
Steampunk Twi'lek
Right!! 'bout time I did some work... Request for KaelWinters.
Even before our campaign ended, I was fairly decided on the fact that I wanted to retell the story in some fashion or other, and eventually decided that I'd try my hand at pulling it together in the form of a comic. I can't let myself think to hard about the time it would hypothetically take to actually get it all out; at my current pace I'd need at least half a dozen lifetimes to work through the whole story.
Here is one of my current projects, I am part of a Star Wars RPGing Group, and one of the Player Characters is a patchwork Droid with a very mysterious past. He sat dormant for an unknown quantity of time before something inexplicable triggered his reactivation.
Well as you can see I'm back at the art a little more constant than I have in the past. :) I happy about this, but it does mean that I have more time on my hands which in turn means I'm in between jobs. lol Oh well it seems to happen from time to time. Keep your fingers crossed for me on finding new work. But untill than please enjoy the new pieces that will come form this. ;)