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OK, so I lied

Couldn't sleep so I did the Internet Explorer troubleshooting. It's not perfect, but that's what you get for using IE, so don't come complaining to me. I'm not breaking the site out into tables just for IE's quirkiness.

All in all the behavior should be "all right". Sorry if it's lacking the finesse of Firefox and Safari, but I'm really not to blame for that. :-)

Aug 14, 2007 by: Eclipse

New Theme!

Ok, so you should be seeing the new theme at this point. If you're on Internet Explorer, I apologize profusely as I've done NO testing what-so-ever on it in IE yet, and I suspect it is VERY broken. This will probably have to wait until thursday night. Until then I suggest you go get Firefox.

Aug 14, 2007 by: Eclipse

Images, Updates and Legos OH MY!

Ok, well first off let's chat about the image galleries at for a second or two. My father has come up with what he believes will be a good solid way of converting all the images to their proper owners all at once. Obviously I'm all for this method, so we'll explore that a little yet.

With that in mind I'm going to hold off on people having to do it by hand yet until we can exhaust his option. If what he's proposing works (and I think it will) we may have all the images taken care of in the next couple days (depending upon if he and I can get some more time together).

Aug 11, 2007 by: Eclipse
Here they are! I hope to see them on Matty Lee's Conversions soon!
A few member have already started using some of the components of the site and I'm SUPER Stoked.
This is pretty sweet. What a nicely excellent diversion of time while I wait out the final forty minutes of my harrowing work week. It doesn't seem like anyone else has registered for the site, or uploaded any images... I may be the first, and only one. It feels me with a slight hint of dread, as if I were the last human on a planet full of hyper advanced ... muskrats.
So yeah, my goal has always been to have SWAG up and running by gencon 07. (well not always, but for a while now) Anyway, gencon is like... 9-10 days away at this point, and yes, I have a lot left to do. I'm not sure it's doable, but I'm going to be running it close, and we'll be putting the site up sans a couple features for the moment. But I have confidence that these things will be swept away and made to work better.
yeah ok, so I'm unsure where that came from except that perhaps it's some pseudo-random synapse firing off cause I'm having visions of potentially good things happening with the request system. There's still a lot of work and research to do, but I got a project at work that's amazingly similar, so it's actually a really good thing all around.
I'm unsure if the worst of it is over, or if I'm just standing in a calm spot. Things were really hairy there for a while, and now I feel as though I've hit my stride. The site's coming together smoothly, and stuff is looking really good. I have yet to get the look and feel nailed down, but a lot of the really difficult tasks are done. That's a really good thing, but there's still a ton to do. My "TODO" sheet is fairly extensive, but slowly, surely, I'm marking chunks of it off. The biggest tasks left now are the request system, and the re-import of users.
Gritty... that's the only word for it. I've been carrying on for a while now saying I'd get this thing back up and running, and one way or another, I'm going to, but it's a bit like being sand blasted. Little issues creeping up and assailing you until they wear you down to a smooth surface. Luckily, some surfaces can take a serious beating, and if I can get all the issues squashed once, then keeping them that way should be easy... should be.