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So... yeah, I'm not a pervert...

So here I am updating the site and getting some new work from Travis Moore up into the system. Great stuff by the way, however... I noticed that all the thumbnails are of the boobs. Just for the record, that's an automated process designed to catch something that might be interesting. Apparently however this combined with Travis' normal method and size of drawing stuff yields boobs for results. And while I can't say those aren't "interesting" it is amusing to me just how "effective" the system is being in this regard.

Oh well, nothing is perfect.

So, Gencon day two:

Aug 17, 2007 by: Eclipse

So... one last thing about Gencon Day 1

I played Star Craft II... it's friggen awesome!

Aug 17, 2007 by: Eclipse

First Day of Gencon

Well the first day of Gencon is officially over I guess. Sure plenty could still happen yet today, but most organized things are essentially finished. D&D 4th edition was announced along with an amazing array of online products to enable game play between people no matter where they may be. Yup, that's right they demonstrated a desktop "table-top" for your character to play in. Map building environments and customizable digital miniatures along with auto-updating rules so that you might not have to buy every book they put out in order to actually play using all the rules.

Aug 16, 2007 by: Eclipse
Well, I'm taking advantage of this lapse in real world obligations to get caught up on all the art I've wanted to finish/release. Let me know what you like/don't like about my work so that I can constantly improve!
SWAG has always lacked a "Work in Progress" area. To rectify this situation I've give you all the ability to upload images with your blogs. These can essentially function like a nice area where you can talk about not just what's going on with you, but also a space for you to upload the things your working on that aren't ready to be committed to the main swag gallery.
Can I just say what an absolute rush it is to have so much new art being submitted already? Asok is tossing up tons of good stuff, Drig's been contributing a lot of great stuff too, and now Evan Black has gone and grabbed all his art that was posted in the forums during the dark times and submitted it as well! This is just really really great.
Couldn't sleep so I did the Internet Explorer troubleshooting. It's not perfect, but that's what you get for using IE, so don't come complaining to me. I'm not breaking the site out into tables just for IE's quirkiness. All in all the behavior should be "all right". Sorry if it's lacking the finesse of Firefox and Safari, but I'm really not to blame for that. :-)
Ok, so you should be seeing the new theme at this point. If you're on Internet Explorer, I apologize profusely as I've done NO testing what-so-ever on it in IE yet, and I suspect it is VERY broken. This will probably have to wait until thursday night. Until then I suggest you go get Firefox.
Ok, well first off let's chat about the image galleries at for a second or two. My father has come up with what he believes will be a good solid way of converting all the images to their proper owners all at once. Obviously I'm all for this method, so we'll explore that a little yet. With that in mind I'm going to hold off on people having to do it by hand yet until we can exhaust his option. If what he's proposing works (and I think it will) we may have all the images taken care of in the next couple days (depending upon if he and I can get some more time together).
Here they are! I hope to see them on Matty Lee's Conversions soon!