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Running SWAG

As of right now there are... 83 new pieces of artwork on SWAG since the Beta site was actually opened to the public. CCR Submitted one piece for me before that time, so that puts the total at 84 pieces of art, the vast majority of which was all submitted since August 9th... That's more than 2 pieces of art per day!

Sep 19, 2007 by: Eclipse

A sad sad day

I apologize for the lateness of this particular blog as personally I think this is rather important...

Sep 18, 2007 by: Eclipse

And Better...

Okay, here's an update. I've included the other WIP for purposes of comparison.

I've colored the buildings around the bottom, and added some shading. I've also replaced the edge around the docking areas, as Eclipse suggested.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions for the structures below? What about the command area at the top? I think it could use more detail before coloring.

Sep 14, 2007 by: Evan Black
Well, I've done some more work on this, and I've sized up the WIP. What do you guys think?
It's not that I'm ashamed of that stuff (much). I actually really like looking at old stuff; I just prefer to do it in secret.
Drig pointed this out to me yesterday, and in fear that he will not share it with all of you, I will show you. It's a site called virmin. I highly recommend the NPC generator and the alien name generator.
King Dug
Well Asok beat me to it. Here is my very first image done on SWAG in the past six years!!! I know, I'm a bad man... Well, I don't feel it's quite finished yet but thought I'd post it while I have an internet connection. When I'm done I hope to put it in my gallery. Thanks, Drig!
Hopefully I should be getting Photoshop CS today. My fingers are crossed. If I get my hands on it today, I'll definitely be doing some work tonight and maybe have some finished pictures in the next few days. In the meantime, I've been drawing some more. Edit: I've added two more drawings, based on characters randomly generated by the virmin NPC generator. Sevik the Robot Space Pirate
Seriously, I forgot how bad some of those old drawings are. Yikes.
But it's finished (mostly)... The images that make up the vast majority of what IS SWAG are now up and working. My father helped me out a HUGE amount, it took roughly 8 hours today to finish this process, and I could not have done it without his help. We still have a small handfull of images to go through, but it's something on the order of like... 150 images. I'll be organizing techies to take care of this shortly.